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Liz Inwood Taildragger Scholarship

Liz Inwood Taildragger Scholarship 2023 winner announced.

The Vintage Aircraft Club are pleased to announce the awardee for the VAC Taildragger Scholarship 2023, in memory of VAC member Liz Inwood, was presented to Rose Walters at the VAC AGM at Old Warden on 29th October. There was, as always, a strong field of applicants and the panel decided to award Rose the £1,000 scholarship for tailwheel conversion training. We look forward to hearing about her training programme and her continuing relationship with vintage aircraft. Anne Hughes VAC Chair.

Rose says, "I am extremely pleased and grateful to have been awarded the Taildragger Scholarship. It is an incredible honour to receive this award and opportunity to further my aviation journey. The prospect of attempting tailwheel flying has been an aspiration I've held since working at and flying from Compton Abbas Airfield, where I first experienced the exhilaration of flying a Chipmunk. This experience ignited a respect and enjoyment for vintage and tailwheel aircraft and the unique challenges they present. Receiving this scholarship validates my dedication to expanding my skill set and embracing the art of tailwheel flying. I am committed to continuing to hone my flying abilities within the vintage/ GA aviation community that I have grown to love, whilst pursuing my commercial flying career. The scholarship also opens doors to potential avenues in vintage flying and my future commercial career, which is an exciting prospect. In the future, I anticipate a journey into the world of vintage aviation, armed with this scholarship. My aim is to continue my involvement in the general aviation community, which has been central to my flight training journey so far. I look forward to exploring new horizons, discovering vintage aircraft, and embracing the challenges they present. This scholarship will bring a new aspect to my flight training, and I am eager to seize every opportunity that comes my way, excited to start the flying, and have fun in a taildragger." Rose Walters 2023.

The VAC has been in existence for over 50 years, and currently has some 300 members who own and operate almost 200 classic and vintage aircraft. In common with many organisations today, the Vintage Aircraft Club is most conscious of a rapidly widening age gap in its membership. As the majority of our membership are either already at, or rapidly approaching, bus pass age, if our club is to thrive and survive, we recognize that not only must we attract new younger members, but must also hand on the skill sets required for these younger people to operate the older type of conventional undercarriage aircraft - or taildragger as they are more commonly known - since it must be recognized that nearly all training and recreational flying is carried out today on machines with the tricycle type undercarriage. We also have to accept that flying as a hobby is generally not a cheap sport, and that just staying current on type will strain the financial resource of most young people.

So how did the Scholarship come about? Liz Inwood, who unfortunately died in October 2013 after a long battle with cancer, was a passionate aviatrix with a tremendous sense of humour. Although originally trained as an artist, Liz was bitten by the aviation bug at an early age in the 1980s, and initially learned to fly at White Waltham. Every spare moment was spent flying, eventually amassing over 1,000 hours and she became both an instructor and CAA examiner. Primarily based at Oxford (Kidlington) she was also madly keen on the older classic aircraft, particularly the de Havilland Tiger Moth and similar types, once making a tour of Europe in a DH Hornet Moth. Liz was an inspiration to many fledgling pilots and was particularly enthusiastic in encouraging younger people to take up the sport. After her untimely death some of her family members decided to give a legacy to the VAC, of which she was a long-time active member, to be used as the Club saw fit. To this end the Club decided to match the family's generous donation and set up this Scholarship in her memory. The purpose now is to enable a young person to fly the type of aircraft she loved so much. After much scrimping and saving, begging and badgering, by the end of 2015 the Club accumulated sufficient funds to ensure that this could be not just a single event, but an ongoing award. In May 2016 the Club launched its first invitations through the GA press for young people to apply for the 2016 Scholarship.

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The applicant must be the holder of a current PPL, NPPL or LAPL, 35 years old or less, with 100 hours total flying time of which at least 50 hours are as a pilot in command.

Applications for the 2023 Scholarship are now closed, but will re-open at the beginning of June 2024, so if you were unsuccessfull in 2023, you are welcome to apply by revisiting this page in June 2024.

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