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An informal talk to VAC members on BODMIN AIRFIELD was given by JAY GATES via Zoom on Wednesday 10th November 2021.

The talk consisted of a brief introduction to Jay and his role at Bodmin, together with a short history of the airfield. This was followed by an explanation of how they came to realise that they were, in fact, a very environmentaly friendly "green" airfield. A description of what this consisted of, and how they set about maintaining this situation, together with some advice on how to involve the local community, and how to turn any suitable airfield green made up the rest of the talk.

The Zoom session was recorded, and an edited version of it showing the actual presentation part of the session has been loaded on You Tube and can be watched here.

A pdf version of the powerpoint presentation is available to download here.* - PDF File.

Vintage Aircraft and the Environment.

The VAC and its members are all environmentally conscious and as such we acknowledge the potential impact that our operations may have on the environment. The whole of the transportation sector is coming under increasing scrutiny in terms of its environmental performance. While some of this may be driven more by political rhetoric than fact, it is in all of our interests to properly define the challenges, and offer positive and proactive means of mitigating any environmental impact we might generate via our activities. We need to get ahead on this before we get left behind or become a target. To see the full statement on Vintage Aircraft and the Environment, please download the PDF document here. The PDF files open in a new window.

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