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Fly In Events

The Rallies:

Every year the Vintage Aircraft Club holds a number of fly-Ins. Five of these are Open, where any aviator can fly-in and there are a number that are Closed and these are just for members.

Initially all our events were at Finmere but as situations changed and evolved, we moved to Turweston. Since then we have become a bit more nomadic with events across the country. We are looking to hold some in the Northern part of the UK in the next year or so.

Traditional Events:

The Club has been in existence for many years now and have maintained our links with our illustrious past and in keeping many of our events have long standing traditional schedules. We have always held events in the early part of the year and continue to do so with apt titles. January sees the "Snowball" - which in recent years had only been hit by snow once (touch wood), February sees the "Valentine" which is held as close to the 14th as possible - and yes many of the members have understanding or aviating wives, husbands, and partners.

March sees the relatively new "Spring" rally. Which has benefited from some wonderful weather (and some some not so it must be said). April sees the "Daffodil" where visiting ladies have been in the past presented with small bunches of daffodils.

We now take a break for a few months as usually many other clubs and airfields have their main events and of course the airshow season is in full swing. We used to have an event in June but this moved to September and as it grew beyond the club became Turweston's Wings & Wheels day. We hope to return to our roots of this event in the near future.

A recent return to our tradition is to have the AGM at an airfield enabling more members to attend by air. Years ago this used to be held at Finmere on one of the Rally days but then became a ground event separately but is now a members only airfield event again.

The last of our public events is the "All Hallows" held as close to Halloween as possible. This event even has the marshallers entered into the spirit of the day!

Wonderfully social events whatever the weather, they are a firm favourite, be it an open event or a members only.

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