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G-AVDF The Prototype Beagle Pup - Press Release

"Return to the Skies" by Anne Hughes and Andy Amor

Return to the Skies Cover Art.

G-AVDF first flew on 8th April 1967 and was Sir Peter Masefield's dream come true. A British light aircraft that would be at the centre of light aviation as a tourer and trainer with a military aircraft, the Bulldog, to follow. The rise to fame attracted international interest and the order book grew, but after two years of test flights and also the adaptations as a test bed for the Bulldog, in May 1969 DF was retired, partially dismantled and left unloved and unwanted. Beagle Aircraft Ltd. went into receivership in January 1970 and the dream was over. With thanks to David Collings the first prototype Pup, G-AVDF, was tracked down for a restoration to flight in 1993 but it wasn't until 2015 she found herself on the back of a trailer heading for Turweston and a five year restoration programme. Her LAA Permit to Fly was issued in December 2020 and she is now in the skies again and at the centre of attention. I guess it was inevitable that a book would be written filling in all the details of such a significant aircraft from design to the completion of the restoration. As I was involved with DF from 2014 and oversaw and recorded the restoration project it also made sense that, along with the expertise of Andy Amor, we would put a book together to share the whole story. This is a story to enjoy and features many of the people involved from the Shoreham days to the celebration of the restoration. We have had access to primary source material and first-hand accounts from those who were involved in those visionary days. I'm sure that you will enjoy this tribute to an amazing aircraft and to those who have been dedicated to whole project. Anne Hughes
A4 96 pages/ 160 photos £14.99 including postage and packing
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