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Vintage Aircraft Club Chairman 2015 to 2017

Peter Wright

Note that as of 1st July 2018, Peter has taken on the role of Club Treasurer. At the AGM on 17th October 2015, Peter Wright was confirmed as our new Chairman.

Peter enthusiastically looping his Pietenpol, (with a little help from Photoshop).

Peter Wright & Pietenpol G-OFFA Loop the Loop.

Like most of the members, Peter is an enthusiastic fan of all aircraft - particularly that by-gone era of 'wind in the wires'. Growing up on a diet of Capt W E Johns 'Biggles' tales, Peter's first taste of flying was as a child at the seaside - a ten minute flip in a Tiger Moth. Although at the time, he was so small he couldn't see over the instrument combing, the magic of that first flight has not dulled even after almost six decades. Currently, Peter flies his Pietenpol Air Camper, registration G-OFFA (see the photo on the Photo Gallery Page). The aircraft was built entirely from a set of plans dating from 1930 and took some 6 years to complete. 'Sweet FA' as he calls it, first flew in 2006 and is based at the old RAF airfield in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Being an open cockpit design it is very much a fair weather machine, and ideal for summer flying. But during the winter months he's always on the look-out for a flight in something with a lid and a heater - you have been warned!

Peter is keen to continue the promotion of the Club as a focus, not just for owners and flyers, but for all enthusiasts of classic aircraft. To this end, in addition to the Club's active participation in a number of major flying events run by other organisations; a number of country-wide Club tours are planned for the coming year with a view to 'bringing the Club to the membership'.

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